Friday, 21 February 2020

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From John Wick Character!

John Wick is a Thriller and Action Drama Directed By Chad Stahelski,One of the Most Talented Director of the World.John Wick is a Neo-Noir Movie Which is Based on the Russian Mafia and Gangsters Who is a Big enemy of John Life.

The Movie is Highest Action Drama.If You have Not seen Chapter 1 & Chapter 2,Then Go and Watch it ,You Will fall in Love With Kaenue Actions.In this Post,I brought you 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From John Wick Series.Please Do share this Post on Your Social Media.

1.Dont be Too Trusty!

Without Trust,Life is Nothing and Friend of John Wick,I mean Marcus Who saved John Wick Life from the Miss Perkins Who Stays at the Same Hotel at the Continental.John Another Friend Aurelio,How he Told John wick that Who Stole his Car and Killed his Dog.Aurelio acts as an Informer for John Wick and As u Saw In John Wick Chapter 2 ,How he Came to his Apartment for Repairing His Car. undoubtedly John Wick is a Better Social Person.

2.Keep an Eye on Your Enemy

When Losef Tarasov Killed his Dog and Stole John Wick Car,John Wick Immadietly Went To  Aurelio Shop Because John Wick already Knew Losef Tarasov Belongs Somehow to CONTINENTAL GROUND.John Wick Prediction Was True and Losef Tarasov Was a son of Viggo Tarasov for Which John Was Once Worked with him.When Losef Tarasov Was Spending his time at Hotel,He keeps an Eye on Him .So Always Keeps Your Enemy closer to You.It is Rightly Said that Haters Are Your Big Motivation for Life.

3.You are Not Alone.

when We see John Wick Character,We see Him as a Loners who Lives a Very Silence Life With The Memory of His Death Wife.I am Not Saying John Wick is a Lone Rangers But he Is more than that.The Dog,I mean Good Dog,He Cares for John Wick and Without Dog,Movie seems to be Incomplete.

4.Keep Patience.

In John Wick Chapter 2 Ending Scene,John Killed Santino D Antinio in the Middle of the Head with the Bullet.The Bullet was Provided by the Bowry King.Winston who is Supposed to be John Wick Supporter Tried to Stop John Wick From Killing Santino D Antinio but John Wick was Unstoppable.Patience is necessary for Life.If John Wick Had Patience for Shooting Santino D Antinio then the Circumstances Could be Different.

5.We all are Dependent.

John Wick Depends on the CONTINENTAL.When Santino Burnt his House he Soon Departed for The CONTINENTAL for Seeking Help.Every Matters are Solved in the Continental Ground but it have One mandatory rule that No Business Can Be Conducted on the Continental Ground.So the Main Lesson here is If You Don't Keep Relationship Good With others then You would Lose Life Battle.

John Wick Movie Gives 3 Best Messages of Life:-
1)Be Who You are ,Not What the World Wants You to be!
2)Dog Loves You More than You Love Yourself.

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